Running TACH style

We run from a different pub each week, usually within a thirty-minute drive of the centre of Bristol.

We meet at 7:00pm and run at 7:10pm, usually with long and short run options. The long run is between 6 and 8 miles. The short run is about 4 to 5 miles. The run is led by a member who is familiar with the area and who can find the way back, even in the dark! Faster runners are expected to run ahead to a prominent landmark and then loop-back (or “sheepdog” in TACH parlance) for the slower runners so no one is left behind.

NB: Bring a torch or head torch when it’s dark!

Please note that in Winter we continue to run off-road using torches or head torches and our runs remain off-road, whatever the weather. Hi-Viz is always highly recommended.

Read Thursday run FAQs.

For up to date information, follow the TACH Facebook page

Run Locations

Run locations vary from mixed terrain runs within the city to hilly all off-road routes in the Mendips or Cotswolds. Sometimes, the route is made to fit a particular pub and sometimes we chose the pub to fit a particular route. We are becoming familiar with some of the finest examples Bristol and its environs have to offer. 

Pubs & Routes:

There is a map available of many of the pubs that TACH uses, some have links to routes that have been run from the pub. Go to Pubs & Routes map, select the pub from the left-hand navigation, and then choose the More info... link, if there is one, to view the associated route.

Leading a TACH run

Everyone is encouraged to “do their bit” and to lead runs. It's great fun introducing people to your favourite run (and pub), but it’s not compulsory. If you need more information, chat to the Run Meisters or some recent run leaders in the pub, and take a look at this guide

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