Safeguarding Adults Policy

Safeguarding adults is everybody’s responsibility. Clubs need to look out for the welfare of all adults and be informed enough to ensure that any safeguarding concerns about adults are properly acted upon. Clubs should respond and follow up any safeguarding concerns that they have about an adult.

Safeguarding adults is linked to the circumstances that people are in, rather than individual characteristics of the adult. Most of the time, adults are fine. But sometimes they may need to look out for each other. Any adult could need safeguarding at any time if their circumstances change.

You may hear or may have heard the term ‘Adults at Risk’ used. This refers specifically to an adult who is experiencing, or is at risk of, abuse or neglect and may need help with safeguarding themselves.

Source: Club Matters

If you have a concern about a TACH member or something that you feel puts a member at risk in relation to a TACH event, club run or social please do speak to a member of the committee for further advice.  We recommend you speak to the person who has been affected by the incident to get their consent prior to taking further action.  However if this is not appropriate or you remain concerned about a persons welfare or safety - despite them not consenting to further action - please still seek advice while not revealing the individuals identity.

In the event of specific concerns please contact TACH Chair, Club Captain or any member of the Committee you feel comfortable talking to