TACH Code of Conduct

This code sets out what TACH’s values can mean in practice whether at club runs and races, races organised elsewhere and in general.


As an off-road running community, everything we do in TACH is based on respect: for ourselves, for other runners, for the club, for the wider community and for our environment.

Respect for Self

 1.       Equipment
Members should wear clothing and carry equipment appropriate for the conditions.  In particular when dark, runners should wear fluorescent vests and headtorches to ensure they can see and be seen.
2.       Injuries
The run leader should be informed of any injuries before the run starts.  If you pick up an injury on the run and need to head home, make sure the run leader knows. 
3.       Self-Care
Generally, runners should run within their capabilities at the time. 

Respect for Others

4.       Leave no one behind
TACH operates a “sheepdogging” policy.  On club runs, all members should take responsibility for ensuring no one is left behind and should take turns in going to the back of the field to support slower runners.
5.       Be kind and keep it cleanWhat you discuss in the bar may not be appropriate on the run.  Think twice; no need to cause offence.  Club members should be aware of those present at club events and ensure they do not use language likely to upset, offend or corrupt.
6.       Be on time
It is better to be 10 minutes early that 2 minutes late.
7.       Warn others when passing
All it takes is a “on your left” or “hello” to alert someone to your presence.  It is no fun being startled in the woods.
8.       Headphones
On club runs and when competing in races for the club, runners should not wear headphones, for safety and communication with others.
9.       Dogs
Members are reminded of the TACH dog policy: Dog Policy

 Respect for the Club

10.   Marshalling
TACH members are asked to marshal or assist with at least 2 of the races organised by the Club each year.
11.   Run Leading
All TACH members are invited to lead club runs at least once every 12 months, and where appropriate, may expect support from more experienced club members to do so. Run leading
12.   Club colours
When competing in races for the club, members should wear TACH colours.
13.   Club Reputation
Comments made verbally and on the club’s social media – Facebook, Twitter, website – should not be abusive, offensive or derogatory.  If they are, the moderators reserve the right to delete such posts and ban the author.  TACH recognises that many runners also use social media in a personal capacity.  Whilst not acting on behalf of TACH, members should be aware that they could damage the club’s reputation if such use is not appropriate.  Such use might be considered a breach of this code.
14.   Juniors in TACH
For legal reasons, all children aged 16-17 must be accompanied by a parent or person acting “in loco parentis” at all times during TACH events.  The person in charge of the child should not be the run leader.  If the parent isn’t running, the person in loco parentis must be agreed in advance and should make themselves known to the run leader.

Respect for the Wider Community

15.   Highway Code and traffic
All TACH members will observe the Highway Code on runs and avoid unnecessary risks with traffic.  Saying “thank you” to drivers who slow down goes a long way.
16.   Other land users
Runners should respect other land users such as cyclists and walkers. 
17.   Land Owners
TACH members should seek appropriate permissions for relevant land owners for club runs and races.

Respect for the Environment

18.   Leave no trace
Gel tops and packets, bar wrappers, you name it.  If you brought it in, then take it out.  And if you can, pick up any other garbage on the way.
19.   Public Rights of Way and Countryside Code
TACH’s runs and races follow public rights of way.  TACH members also observe the Countryside Code eg closing gates and walking past nervous livestock.

If anything happens that causes you concern or makes you uncomfortable, inform the Club Chair or Captain, who will advise what steps to take.  Any information will be treated in strict confidence by the club.  Initially attempts should be made to resolve the situation through a conversation. 

If necessary the club will activate the Association of Running Clubs’ complaints procedure: http://www.runningclubs.org.uk > Welfare > Appendix 2 > Club Complaints Procedure.  TACH may also make use of its own Welfare and Safeguarding procedure.

9th September 2019