Club members can earn championship points through participation in training runs and races, and through helping out with our own races. Points are based purely on participation – not speed or race placing – we just want to encourage off road running!

The points system:

2 = Run in an official Park Run*
5 = Attend a Thursday night training run
5 = Run in a race (5 points per day for a multi-day event e.g. mountain marathon)
5 = Write an article for Rough Running News
10 = Lead a Thursday night training run (long or short)
10 = Run in a Championship race
10 = Help course set a TACH race
10 = Help out during a TACH race (e.g. marshaling, finish line, results)

The TACH Championship is about participation, not distance (5km can be a marathon effort for someone coming back from injury or just getting into running) and Park Runs also offer a good opportunity to do a timed event for those on lower incomes or with very busy lives! However, because the organisers don’t class them as races and given that they occur every week, then they are worth only 2 Championship points each.